A journey back in time

A journey back in time

Go on a journey back in time just a stone's throw from our campsite !

Just 15 minutes from Camping l’Arize campsite in the Ariège, Xploria is the ideal forest park to enjoy fun education activities in the great outdoors. Go on an adventure into the past with your family or partner in the midst of the forest.

Walk down the Hallway of Time, step through the Gates of Time,cross wooden walkways, discover life-sizedreconstructions of extinct animals, visit botanical gardens… and travel back into the history of the Earth!

Once upon a time inLes Forges... In a bucolic setting, in a shady 5 hectare park crossed by a river, lies an unforgettable village. A village of yesteryear which is still very much alive today, where the trades and tools of the past take on a new lease of life. Located 20 minutes from Camping l’Arize, come and discover the times of old with Philippe (Zézé), Benoît, and Kamel, the famous blacksmith, clog maker, baker and schoolmaster at the site. They will reveal to you the methods and trades of a bygone, but oh so revolutionary,era.

Amuseum area with a collection of 5,000 tools completes the fascinating visit.

Ideal for children and adults alike!

At the Tarascon-sur-Ariège Prehistory Park you can walk in the footsteps of our Magdalenian ancestors (the men and women who lived in Niaux cave) and discover their daily lives. Go on a 14,000 year leap back in time! Children and adults can travel into the past and experience a unique glimpse into the way of life and the art of cavemen. A captivating day out! A whole array of activities,workshops and games await you to discover the lives of our prehistoric ancestors.

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Camping 4 étoiles 

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