Visit our castles

Visit our castles

Discover the Cathar castles situated near our campsite

Come and visit the region’s different castles, fortresses and Cathar sites and admire breath-taking panoramas over villages and undulating landscapes, green plains and forests. A fascinating opportunity to discover the region’s history, go on a journey back in time and soak up the unique atmosphere.

Foix castle is ​​a real highlight of the Ariège.As soon as you reach Foix,you’ll be touched by its haunting beauty. With its majestic exterior, you’ll be enticed to discover more of this beautiful castle within. The views from the top of its towers are breath-taking...

The castle, which is perched on a rocky outcrop, is currently being restored! While from the outside, you can admire its imposing walls and three towers that have defied both wars and time, within the castle, a complete change of scenery awaits you: that of the 14th century. In each room, you can discover incredibly realistic furniture and weapons! It is as if the famous Gaston Fébus and his court still occupy the premises! Discover the large state room, the count's bedroom, the weapons’ room, the scriptorium, and more besides.

The terraces of the fortress are not to be missed either, with their interactivere-enactmentsled by characters straight from the Middle Ages, such as La Chignole, Cordilh and Brunissende. Learn to wield weapons of war, to forge, to cut stone and even how to use the imposing war and construction machines… it appears that you may even be used as labour.

A truly unforgettable visit!

In the heart of a wild and unspoiled landscape, Montségur in the Ariège boasts a renownedcastle with a rich and moving history as well asa mountain village nestled in the heart of a pristine Pyrenean valley.

It is also well worth visiting Lagarde castle, known as the "Versailles of the Pyrenees". Located not far from Mirepoix, the ruined castle is impressive in size and boasts an exceptional geographical situation and beautiful remains.

Without forgetting Roquefixade castle, Miglos castle, Usson castle and Mirabat castle, a medieval ruined castle that is only accessible by foot (520 m altitude), offering exceptional views of the Couserans mountains.

Just 10 minutes from Camping l’Arize, you can go on a short family walk to the castle of Durban sur Arize. These castle ruins (under full restoration by volunteers) are situated in the middle of the forest!

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